If you've been looking around at different photographers, you'll notice that they all have unique ways of pricing. Depending on your situation, there are endless ways one could charge for photography and endless situations that can complicate a photo shoot. Wardrobe changes, different locations, etc. One thing they all have in common is time. I don't charge extra for different lighting situations, going to multiple locations, shooting in different outfits or adding family members*. Keep in mind that these are all factors that can add time to a shoot. With that in mind I prefer an initial interview in order to discuss your specific needs. This will allow me to be more efficient for your sake.
Another trend I see is the offering of a certain amount of "retouched" photos with your shoot. Just because a photo has been "retouched" doesn't make it desirable. So many things can happen during a shoot that can make it impossible to guarantee that a certain amount of desirable photos will be achieved. That said, retouching a photo can take time. After reviewing the set with you, I will retouch up to ten photos per half hour spent with me with every additional photo in the set costing only ten dollars. These photos will be made available to you as a digital jpeg along with printing rights. This will allow you to have your photos printed at your place of choice. Although, printing options will be made available on the gallery site. Ordering prints from the gallery will ensure quality reproduction, color accuracy and a photo media that resists fading over time.
First half hour - $200 (includes up to ten retouched photos)
Add'l 30 Minutes - $75 (includes up to an additional ten photos)
*Additional fees may apply based on your photography needs and will be interpreted during initial interview. (Example - Special props, traveling outside 30 miles from Minot or complicated needs.)