A little bit about Me
I am a North Dakota photographer currently working out of Minot. I started shooting on film in the late 80's and I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawn to photography or cameras. It's difficult to explain my fascination with capturing images...capturing moments, expressions, stories. I ignored this underlying passion for a long time and focused on computers and technology. It wouldn't be for many years later that I determined that my draw to computers was for the purpose of storing and organizing memories. So, about five years ago I picked up a camera again and started to truly focus on what I ignored for so long.
Photos have become a necessity in our lives...for remembering that special occasion or just a snap shot in time of family and of children. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can contribute something I love to something you will love for years to come.
Currently, I am booking for senior and family portraits. Please contact me through my contact page, Instagram, or you can call or text 701-500-3075. I do work a normal "9 to 5" job, so please be patient, I will respond!